Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't you just love the pics?

I'm so proud of myself! I learned how to download pics (with a little help from Callie).
Isn't Caleb sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute????? He's one of my three favourite nephews!!!!!
I am craving a cream puff (you need to send some down here Jen!!!!). Ok, that was totally random, so I'll get back on track!
The basketball tournaments are this weekend (go GBS!!!) (no comments Callie! I AM NOT cheering for Munci!!!), but they'll probably loose, no offense. Last year their best players were David E., Ezra, and David F. but they lost Ezra and David E. And last year NCS's best player had a broken foot (or something like that!), so I would say we're going to come on third, unlike last year. :( Last year it was so cool when they won!!!!!
Oh well, at least Munci will have a big cheerer in Callie!
(We might have a little cheering for GBS from Munsing's Hersey girl!)


the freshmen said...

MUNCI Esther! Remember the pic from my birthday at the mall??? So if you've seen that pic as you can tell, Munci will have a really big cheerleader!

esther said...

Good point!!!!

*eMiLy GrAcE* said...

Muncie is spelt M U N C I E HAHAHA cyall morromw!

that was me said...

that was me callie not emily