Thursday, March 20, 2008


Acctually, I have a very important announcement to make!!!! I put my profile picture the right way!!!!! YEAH ME!!!! Everyone should be proud of my, cause it took me a long time to see the error of my ways (would you consider that poetical or Biblical?). Is everyone having a good day today? Cause my life is great. Infactit'ssogreatI'mstartingtosoundlikeCallie!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. As Katrin would say, I'm in one of my moods!!!:);:):):):):):):) There's only eight days left till band tour!!!!!I'm so excited!!!! It's gonna be a blast!!! Just think, one whole week of staying on strangers houses, eating yummy food, being around cats (which in case y'all don't know, I'm very allergic to). Speaking of which, I've met one cat that I'm not allergic to. Isn't that wierd!!! Lambeth's got a have a cat, and I've gone there a bunch of times, and I haven't gotton sick once!!!! Is there such a thing as being allergic to only some kinds of cats? Or maybe I'm just such an expert cleaner, that I don't smell any of that stuff that makes you allergic (what's that called?)!!!! Where was I? Ummmmm.... profile picture.... be proud of me... days left... yummy food.... oh, there I am!!!! I'm gonna have a blast!!! Just kidding about the cats and strangers Mrs. P. (how do you spell your name again? Im a horible spelerHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). I'm so wierd!!!
Gotta go baby-sit Caleb!!!
P.S. Have you ever noticed how I like to publish like (for you Callie, you know, the like part) five posts in one day, then none for a week?.
P.P.S. I just got back from a weekend with my aunt and uncle.


Katrin Elisabeth said...

you were in the wierdest mood!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll stay off the streets today so goodby! :) btw we're only staying three night at stranger's houses with cats that about make me suphocate and yeh but only three nights of it :( Too bad it's not a HOLE WEAK!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

see what happend when you get in a wierd mood?? It affects me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You you you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

ok goodby everybody and have a Merry Christmas :)

Miss Marjie said...

Hey, esther, I guess it's not that weird (about the cat thing), this lady i work for says she has a--get this-- "Hypoallerginic dog"!!!! haha. actually, she is allergic to like, every smell in the world--except that dog! tell lambeths that they got a hyper--i mean hyply--oh never mind. bye!

oh yeah, nice pic esther! I'm impressed with your growing computer capabilities--even if you cAn'T ya!~

Katrin Elisabeth said...

I notince that you let everybody know we were going to sleep ON stranger's houses. hahahahahahaha and btw Marjie, you are so funny. :) I think me and Esther need you here to keep us acting like that most of the time. JK

Katrin Elisabeth said...

NOTICED!!!!!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

esther said...

Have a happy New Years whatever the case!!!!