Friday, March 14, 2008


We had compition on Thrusday. It went really well. Everyone that entered from GBS won. Chior, band, 24, Katrin, Katrin & I, Roxanne, and Heather all won first place. Travis got second in advanced mathmatics, and third in accounting. Brandon would of got something, but he didn't mark his measures, so he got disqualified.
All of it was fun, except for the fact that I had a splitting headache all day:).
I gotta go! Enjoy the pics!!!
P.S. Katrin's song was amazing!!!

We has to leave so early!!! Almost all of the bus was zonked!!!

Ally, Alicia, and I.

All of us at McDonalds. It was kindof funny, cause all of the sudden a ton of people come in all wearing black suits.

Our band right before we played.

Us with our award.

Katrin and I playing our duet.

We were on the bus way too long!!!!!


Kijar said...
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Katrin Elisabeth said...

I want some pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw, good job! I'd go back and do it again! :)

Katrin Elisabeth said...

looks like we were having a sleep over of somthing! :) lots of fun!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

one more! Callie, that thing we're doing in the last pic is called the Callie Dead look

Anonymous said...

hahahaha yep u looked like me !

esther said...

It's fun now that I think about it, but I was SO scared!!!

Kalar said...
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Joel Byer said...

You like phat smacked totally rocked that place.

esther said...

Of course:)