Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cookies, possums. and lamps.

Here's a pic of some cookies I made (I've already put the recipe on here a couple months ago. If you want it just ask.) for Easter.
Also, we have a possem living near-by. Last night he sat on our porch for a couple hours, so I tok the oppertunity to get a pic.
Last, here's a pic of the lamp I redid. It used to be a real ugly green (pic #1), but I painted (or rather Mom did, she didn't trust me to do it myself (HAHAHAHA)) cream, and bought a tan lampshade to go with it. It looks really cute now:)
We will have seventeen people at out house tomorow. My aunt (1) from IN., her hubby (1), their kids (3), my Aunt Sindy and Uncle Dwitght (2), my cousin Cordel (1), his wife Bev (1), their kids (3), by brother and his wife (2), and us (3). My sister is in PA, visiting her in-laws, so she won't be here (henseforth, no Caleb BOO-HOO!!!!).
Well, I guess that's all my news :):):).


Katrin Elisabeth said...

so that's what I heard in your bedroom the other day! JK

esther said...

Very funny:)

Katrin Elisabeth said...

I'm so being serious!
Actually come to think of it, I think it was Caleb making that noise. :) lol