Friday, July 11, 2008

Me and my crazy friend.

Me and Katrin have been doing a bunch of crazy things lately:)
Tonight we were doing all kinds of crazy things with our hair!!!
I also made lemonade, but we were talking and laughing so hard I only put half the amount of powder as I was supposed to.
I'm SO weird!!!:)
I also got an ADORABLE shirt at Cato.
I absolutely love summer colours (TN) like orange, green, hot pink and purple, and yellow. I have always wanted an orange shirt, and I found the cutest one!!! It's short sleeves, so I have to wear an undershirt. It also has two buttons on the front. So cute:)
Well, gotta go:)


Katrin Elisabeth said...

Such good times!

Esther Elizabeth said...

I know. Our kids will be embarassed to call us their moms:)

~LoRnA~ said...

haha looks like fun!!

Mada said...

Or your friends will disown you. :-D

Katrin Elisabeth said...

btw friends, I hate the ninth pic or what ever number it is, anyways, I hate if of me!!!!! The poof really needs help!

Esther Elizabeth said...

that flash completely removed any of the tan I formally had.:)