Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pics from the last two weeks.

Here's some pics of Ontario camp, Michagan Camp, and some time we spent with Joel and Jen.
Both camps were awesome, and I learned a lot there.
Enjoy the pics!!!

The ones above and below are of Michagan camp. It was so much fun!!! Some are of skit night. It was interesting cause nobody could talk in any of the skits. You had to act them all out silently. It started out as a freeze frame and you had to freeze for thirty seconds. You got a lot of points if you remained still. Another interesting thing was that you were given the play to do instead of choosing it yourself. We were given the story of Esther :) and won first place. Joel was the king, and Eric (the guy in the red shirt) was Hamen.
We had to stay til Saturday cause of Joel's board meeting on Saturday, so on Friday night, Joel took us for Ice cream and then to Wal-Mart. Some funny things happened that night. It was pouring that night, and when we went to get out of the car, Christina forgot to take off her seatbelt. So she's sitting there in the rain trying to figure out how to get out of the car:) Then when I get out, I fail to see an orange block, and trip over it. I broke my flip-flop (hense the pic), and had to buy a new pair there. We then started laughing so hard and couldn't stop. I think everyone thought we were drunk or something. It was so halarious!!!
The theme of the banquet was patriotic, so the Langstaff's went as Mounties.

My wonderful, awesome, family!!! I love them so much!!!

I, along with 12 other people, got baptized.
Titus and Cherie.

Allison and I showing off our sandy feet after playing volleyball at two o'clock in the morning. It was wet so our feet were so grose.
We played this game that was so dumb but fun. You took the ball that Ezra's sitting on in the picture, and threw it across the net. You got a point if it went out of bounds after bouncing in their side. It was so funny. We laughed so hard the whole time.
Elisabeth and I.

Playing basketball and soccer.
Janetta, Elisabeth, and I.
Jeremy getting on a bike.

The youth always sing for the Saturday evening service.
We went canoing.
We also played volleyball.
There's also two pics of the bonfire Thrusday night.

More pics of Ontario camp. They're pretty much self explanatory.
The kids did the preservice Saturday night. Jeremy, Jeffrey, and Laura all won in their age group for Bible verses.


Blog of a College Student said...

nieces & nephews are so much fun, aren't they?

oh my word!!! you broke your flip flop!?!?! i did too, but a different way xcept mine happened at the mall!! its was sooo funny!! lol...i posted about it my last blog!!

well have a good day
ruth ann

Nancy said...

I enjoyed seeing all your pictures of all the camps. looks like you're having a good summer! So, that's what you do when you're not slaving away at the Lambeth house, eh? :) Exciting news on the new neice or nephew! How fun! They have a great auntie to spoil them rotten, that's for sure!
I'll be calling you soon...I need a day to run errands....aaaahhh!

Mada said...

The pic of the youth group singing gives me REALLY BAD MEMORIES. Even though I was suppose to be singing lead I ended up following you. lol Oh and btw you did great on that song.

Esther Elizabeth said...

Thanks, but no I didn't!!! Everyone said I was so loud I was about the only one they could hear.
So terrible.

Stephanie Smith said...

Hey, I just found you!
How you doin' girl?!
Seeing the pics made me miss the good old days - hopefully we can have a reunion up in Canada again!

I love you and pray that Jesus will bless you in a special way.

Jer. 29:11.
P.S. Come visit my blog - it has been inactive for many, many moons, but hopefully it will come back to life!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen Mada that scary! lol

Esther Elizabeth said...

I've been on your blog a couple of times, but you never post!!! congrats on becoming an aunt by the way:):)

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!