Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My last two weeks.

It was Laura's birthday on the 22. I wasn'there, so I'm just now posing it. I love you SO much, Laura. And think you're INCREDIBLY special!!!!!
Here's some randon pics of the last two weeks. You'll have to figure it out yourself cause they aren't in any sort of order. It was a lot of fun!!!

Some of my weird friends at Wally World. We went there after youth camp, and purchased the most random stuff:)::). Water, a rug, a lamp, a HUGE bag of Sour Patch Kids (so yummy), and a billion other things. It was SO funny cause we had a pink lamp with a navy blue and burgandy rug. The reason being the rug was cheap and I really wanted a pink lamp to brighten up the room. We are SO weird:):) We had a blast:):)

Me after the long traveling all summer:):) Please don't faint:):)

Me and my two cousins Jaletta and Joanna.

My cousin-once-removed playing her guitar. They're all so cute!!!

My Aunt Nay and Uncle Darius outside of Richey's Dairy. Since my Grandpa Miller was a milkman there, we always have to go there to get ice cream!!!!

My Grandpa and Grandma Miller's tombstone. I had to put it on there to brighten your day:):):)

Luke, Laura, Jeremy, and I swimming in their pool. It was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom with three of her six siblings.

The remaining siblings of my Grandma Miller.

A true sign that you're in Amish Country:):) I'm very glad for indoor pluming!!!!

Laure holding one of her grandparents kittens. Mrs. Wiford went with us and was able to show us a lot of neat stores since she drives Amish. I think this kitten was the smallest one I've ever seen!!!



Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your time with us.
We enjoyed having you visit.
Maybe your next visit will be more exciting once you get rested up(-:
Your lovely sister-in-law,

Esther Elizabeth said...

I sure did!!!
I'm definately coming up!!!

Marjie said...

Looks like fun! I didn't quite faint on that one pic...almost though! jk! Hope to see you soon!

~LoRnA~ said...

heyy enjoyed the updayte!! Loved the pics!!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Looks like you had a great summer! ttyl! ;)