Monday, October 20, 2008

Reaching the Muslims for Jesus.

We had Missionary Convention all day again today. It was so incredible. I loved it.
Tonight Dr. Richardson spoke about reaching the Muslims.
It was so neat, cause he showed how the Bible is proven true time and time again against the Koran. He's done tons of research about it, and it's really cool to see how many falsehoods there in the Koran.
He said that if you took out all the repetition in the Koran, you would be taking out 45% of it.
You need to read the book if you haven't already:):):) I don't do a very good job describing it!!!
Another thing I like about Him, is his humor. He has the Canadian:) dry sense of humor like Joel and Ezra (only I don't think everyone gets all of his jokes all the time:).
We also had choir pics today. It was too cold to imagine!!!! I was literally shaking by the time we were done:):)!~!!!!!!!
Well, enough of my mumblings.
Maybe he'll pay me for giving him so much promotion:):):)

P.S. You can't really look inside:):) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


ally said...

Esther- just a comment on your pictures on the side... Are you sure(with his recent hair-cut and all) that you don't want to trade Ezra? Just wondering :)

Esther Elizabeth said...

I have thought about it:):):) Imagine if it would of been me who cut his hair? I would be stoned and then starved to death.:):):)