Monday, February 23, 2009

Jaylee, Ski-dooing, Hockey, and Turnips.

Well, we got to go up to Ontario and Michigan this weekend. It was SO much fun!!! I got to see my new niece, play hockey, and go ski-dooing!
I put a bunch more pics on facebook, so go on there to see more.
Jaylee is SO adorable! I'm so glad I got to see her!
It's been like five years since I've been able to go ski-dooing or play hockey. I was so excited.
Most of the hockey game was spent standing out of the way trying not to get trampled, but it was still fun!
I think out of all the things I've missed the most since leaving, besides the people of course, is skd-dooing. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!
Oh well, we can't have the best of both worlds:)
I'll post more later.
I'm SO tired right not.
BTY, just as a little clarification, those are snow pants I'm wearing:) I only wear them because I'd freeze if I didn't, and when I go out in public (exp. when I went snow tubing last winter) I wear a skirt over top. So PLEASE don't think I wear pants at all I don't.
Well, guess I'll end my ramblings now:)


Madam Marjorie said...

Ski-dooing must be a blast...but could you explain it to me?

Jd said...

Yes, Canadian temperatures are a legitimate excuse for pants. Considering the fact that if you rode a snowmobile in a skirt, your legs would freeze to the metal ala that kids tongue to the pole in A Christmas Story. That probably wouldn't feel too great I'm guessing...

JD said...

skidooing (pronounced Skiddooing i think) I think they stole the idea from the Seadoo people. Basically you hop on top of a motorcycle chassey with the wheels replaced with mini tank belts, fire it up, hold on for dear life, and hope a wandering moose doesn't get in your way. About the same as the time I rode my grandpa's moped full speed almost into a tree & then flipped it, except about twice as fast as that.

Madam Marjorie said...

cool...I mean, cold! lol sounds fun...if I can quit shivering once I get up there, I'll have to try!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Looks like fun! Congratulations on your adorable little niece. She's precious! :)