Friday, March 13, 2009


Katrin and I playing our duet.
Katrin playing her song.
First place in both Shawnee and Tennessee!!!! YEAH!!!!
Band. We played Canticle for Band, and The Lord Is My Light.
12. Miss Kerns dirceted us.

Well, as most of you know, we went to TACS Competition yesterday. It went really well. We had to be on the bus by 6:45 (meaning I had to wake up at 5:30) and got there around nine. We had the opening assembly where they talk about the pizza lines:):):) Seriously though, every year they talk about all this dumb stuff that everyone can figure out for themselves. So after sitting a billion hours, choir sang at 10:00. We sang 'Go Down Moses' and 'Jubilate' (pronounced U-beh-la-tah). It was funny cause I think the guy was new and didn't realize we were supposed to announce ourselves, so he announced us and pronounced the song JU-BI-LITE, just the way it was spelled in English, not with Latin pronounciation. It was quite funny I must say.
Then, at like 11:30 12 sang. We did pretty much awful as I knew we would, but I didn't really care.:)
We went to McDonalds then, and came back to hear Brittany and Jocelyn sing.
24 sang at 3:00 , (Dem Bones, and Agnus Dei (ON-EUS DAY-E) and Katrin and my piano duet was at 3:30.
Brandon played at 4:40, and Katrin at 5:00.
Here's what we won. If I just say one thing, it means we won the same in both Shawnee and Tennessee, I think only one of them had different scores.
Band: 1st
Choir: 1st and best of show
24: 1st and best of show
12: 2ond (I was really surprised with that one, cause we were pretty terrible:)
Jeremy and John's duet: Shawnee: 3rd, Tennessee: 2ond
Katrin: 1st and best of show
Brandon: 1st and best of show
Katrin and My duet: 1st
We had to pick between choir and 24, and Katrin and Brandon to play for the assembly that night, so 24 sang , and Brandon (since he's going to graduate this year) played.
We got home at 11:50. It was a lot of fun.
I can't write today. If you're wondering why my English is so bad in this thing, that's why.
Well, guess that's it.


Madam Marjorie said...

kewl Esther! Wish I could've heard you! (did anyone get a video?) Love ya!

ally said...

i love how i am cut just out of the band picture! where is my hair?! lol

Esther said...

aw, so sorry allison. And yes, I think Crater's got a video of the duet, Marjourie. Your hair was gorgeous BTY ALLY