Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer, Elephants, and Plums

Well, I have quickly gotten into my summer routine :). My life at this point consists of reading, sleeping in, working, and eating.
We are leaving to go up to Canada next week and I cannot wait! We will go up for camp then to Cochrane for a week. I haven't seen Mae for two years so I can't wait! It will be really hard not having Olavi there, but.....
Right now we are watching a video but my aunt called so I'm waiting for Mom to get off the phone.
BTW did you ever hear about the man that went on a safari to Africa? Well this guy goes to Africa and he's walking along one day when an elephant steps out in front of him. The man is pretty scared at first, but then notices the elephant is limping. To the man's amazement, the elephant holds up his paw in which a twig is stuck. The man pulls out the twig and the elephant waves and walks away.
20 years later the man takes his son on a safari to Africa. While walking through the jungle they come across an elephant. They are scared at first, but to their amazement the elephant holds up his paw then waves! The man is amazed, "No way, it's the same elephant!"
20 years later, the man take his grandson to the zoo. While there they stop to look at the elephant cage. One of the elephants upon sight of the man picks up his paw and waves. To the horror of everyone in the audience the man scrambles over the cage to reunite with his elephant friend. The elephant picks up the man with his trunk and slams him against the edge of the cage. It probably wasn't the same elephant.


Madam Marjorie said...

LOL!!! I LOVE IT! So corny you could husk it (just how I like it!) Thanks for the laugh!

YaLaina said...

That is ridiculous!!! But funny!! Love ya!!