Saturday, September 15, 2007

Anyone wanna four-step?:)

Just go clearify, four-step is NOT a dance, it's a game (or as Ally calls it, a wierd Canadian game:).
We played it tonight, and it was a blast (now if I only had a camera {hint, hint Mom} I would be posting pictures)!!!!!
The people that were there were Amy Weddle, & Zach Crater, Callie &Will -flamesofsomehting:) (where was Emily?) Vance, Kenny Stetler, Tyler & Andrew Replogle, Nolan someone (he's a new kid at GBS), Ezra and I, Josh someone, Isaiah Edwards, Germain and Damacras someone, some girls I've never met before:), Allison Johnson (I can't remember her Bebo address, Titus (don't bother going to his, he never posts!!) & Cherie, and I think that's it:).
After a while some CERTAIN people (who will remain nameless:) got board with the game, so we had to play kick-ball (GAG). In case y'all don't know me very well, I am HORRIBLE at kick-ball!! I don't mind playing out field, but I HATE having to kick!! I always kick the ball two feet and get out!!!
Tomorrow we're going to Church (duh:), and I get to wear my cool, new, black shoes!!! I also get to wear my cool, new, black headband too!!! I got a TON (5 of headbands tonight at Dollar General! They were like, three for a dollar!
Anyway, I'm done rambling!
P.S. Y'all had better thank me for all this free publicity you're getting for your blogs!!!