Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Interesting Things.

Now that I' ve told you all the little, piddly things of live (via last post), you now get to hear something exciting!
We had Home Coming a couple weekends back, I went to the GBS hayried, and I went to two weddings this weekend.
Home Coming, DESCRIPTION: Noisy; Crammed; loads of fun; tons of food. Need I say more?
Hayride, DESCRIPTION: Volleyball; hayride; lots of food.
Wedding 1, DESCRIPTION: Ms. Kline; Juddie (I have never heard of that name before) Somebody. It's actually a neat story behind Ms. Kline. She was saved when she was 17 at my Mom and Dad's first Church. She's stayed a Christian all these years, and now at 45 she finally got married.
Wedding 2, DESCRIPTION: Brendon Hock; Meagan Berry; orange dresses; home grown vegetables. Brendon's my cousin, and he just got married this week-end. Titus was in it, and Dorcas was the guest book person. It was very beautiful!!!!!! The dresses were fall orange with cream jackets, and Meagan's dress was beautiful!!!!!
Well gotta go!
P.S. For the second wedding, they grew their own corn and Lima beans, and served them at the wedding.
P.P.S. 69 days left!!!!