Monday, October 1, 2007

Row, row, row your canoe:)

Our youth group went canoing on Saturday. It was a blast (I would put on pictures, but I don't have a digital camera:)!!!!
I was with Callie in a canoe, and it was.................................. interesting:) I had never steered before, and Callie hasn't been canoing very much. After running into the bank a few times, we finally figured out out to turn and such (while trying to teach us how to steer, Mr. Vance flipped his canoe one of his three times:).
We've just got going for a little bit, when Will and Jake decided we needed some more excitement. They pushed us into this tree that had branches sticking up every which way! So I had to get out (the water was just below my chin) and pull the canoe out!!!!
Later on in the trip me and Callie tried to get them (or maybe that was Kenny and Tyler) back by splashing them. We were sitting there and I tried to splash them with my paddle. This explains our first drenching when our canoe flipped.
I think our of all the people that went, we had the worst luck!!!! We ran aground at about every place we could so I had to drag the canoe about half the time (this explains why my feet, legs, hands, and arms have tons of brush burn marks:).
Well, lots more happened, but I need to go do my school work:)
P.S. We acctually ended coming in third!!!


Nancy said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I remember my best friend and I canoing on the Clarion River in PA. Yeah...we were out of the canoe dragging it way more than riding in it. But it was lots of fun!

Kim V. said...

Now Esther.... I think you and Callie did a marvelous job... of getting the Vance canoe submerged many times. I think next time I will just watch.