Tuesday, October 30, 2007


GUESS WHAT!!! MY NIECE AND NEPHEW ARE HERE (they're so adorable!)!!!!
Today we had band pictures and choir pictures. The band pictures were at 8:00 in the morning, so of course it was cold, but the choir ones I expected to be a bit warmer since they were at 11:15. WRONG!!! For the choir pics, Kevin made me sit on the ground!!!!!!! It was terrible!!!!! The ground was freezing cold!
Usually, I try to hide behind taller people, but in the band picture I'm on the front row, and the choir one, I'm one of only four girls sitting on the front row!!!! It's terrible. If Kevin's camera is broke tomorrow, y'all'll (Don't you just love the work y'all'll? Is it really a word?) know why!!!
Gotta go eat supper!!!


Anonymous said...

so your a blogger now to!!!! Guess who?

Amy Weddle said...

Guess what? I had to stand outside on the brick walk barefoot for our choir pictures. Also Kevin seemed a little grumpy that day.

the freshmen said...

I guess there is 1 good thing about being short. You get to STAND in the 1st row. I would like to see the pic though :p
see ya!

marjie said...

haha, katrin, that's adorable the way you brag about being short. :) Hey Esther, Y'all (I'm purty poztive dat's how ya spell it:), happens to be a true southern word, and is as credible as your dear expression, "Eh?" (which I confess I find myself using quite often!!!)

Canada Girl Forever said...

1: I don't know
2:He was VERY grumpy!! I think he was porpously trying to torture us that day!!!!
3: Yes, that's how you spell it, cause I spelled it ya'll the other day, and my spell check had a cow!