Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The bank of Africa

I have recieved about twenty-five e-mails from the BAND OF AFRICA (sounds creepy doesn't it!).
Then today I recieve an e-mail from some missionary that says she has heard about my trustworthy character and would like to make me the co-partner in her late husbands business since she's about to die. She wants me to e-mail her and I will recieve $650,000.00. Now I got another e-mail, and due to this fanominal business, I now will recieve $1,565,000.00 all I have to do is e-mail her. I'll be sure to do that. HA!
And now I'm getting e-mails from some guy, trying me to donate money for him to continue going to Christian school.
Do they really want all of the six dollars that I own (OK, not quite that bad).
Oh well, now when I go to check my e-mail I have like 100 waiting for me (no joke). It's terrible.
Maybe next time you see me I'll me a millionare!


Match Maker Mada said...

Hey don't want to mean or anything but I think you need to fix your profile photo.:) Maybe you like being sideways though. If so just tell me to shut up.

Angie Davis said...

Sounds like a change of email address is in order, my dear... :)

meluvzmb said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I will call u and sing happy birthday!! have a good day !:p

esther said...

Adam: I love being sideways.
Callie: I could of done without the song:)