Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hey, the answer is no. No one has showed me how to put on pictures!!!!!!
Oh well.
In other news, I also got pajamas, a teddy bear, and note cards from Joel and Jen.
And the things I forgot to put on last time was a cookie cutter from Luke and Rachel, and a picture pen from Mom.
I gotta go baby-sit pretty soon so this won't be long.
Last night I stayed up to make a jiffy chocolate cake, and a white cake with ice cream icing.
I love this icing, and I'll try to post it when I get home and can remember it. You can't use it to decarate, but you can use it to just spread on cakes. It's yummy!
Caleb is getting bigger then ever!
If you want to see pictures, go to
Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Oh My goodness he is soooo pretty!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was me :p

callie said...

Hey it's not putting my name on here !!!!!

callie said...

And Hey I told u haow to put pictures on there !!!!! Listen to my advice ! Remember put one end of the cord to the camera and the other on the cumputer thingy! haha

Canada Girl Forever said...

I finally did!!!!