Tuesday, April 15, 2008

one hundred posts

This is my one hundredth post, so I thought I'd give one hundred things about me.
1 I hate Ketchup on hamburgers
2 My favourite colour is brown
3 I love doing anything crafty (crocheting, cooking, etc.)
4 I have HORRIBLE hand writing
5 I LOVE iced cappichinoes
6 I started school when I was four
7 my favourite subject in school is English (I like some electives better, though, such as music)
8 I have only moved one time (It seemed like I moved a bunch cause we did a bunch of half moves, but we actually only moved once).
9 I have played the piano for three years and two months
10 I have the same middle name as my sister-in-law (Rachel), and my friend (Katrin), only mine is spelled differently.
11 My favourite team is the Ottawa Senators
12 My least favourite team is the New Jersey Devils
13 My favourite book (besides the Bible) is a toss up between I Wanna' Go Home, and the War with Mr. Wizzle.
14 My favourite kind of movie would be a toss up between ones with Don Knots in them, or ones about Northern things (I also really like Night in the Museum).
15 I absolutely LOVE pretty things. Like my mom has a collection of tea cups, and I think they're beautiful.
16 I was saved when I was four.
17 I was the first girl born in my hospital.
18 I've been skating as long as I can remember
17 My best friend in the entire world is Jesus.
18 My favourite verse in the Bible is Romans 8:15.
19 I don't know why I started doing this. Martha Castle did it, and it looked so easy, but there's NO WAY I'll get to a hundred.
20 I hate cleaning house, but I love knowing the house is clean.
21 My favourite season is spring in Cincinnati, and winter in Canada. The reason I don't like winter down here, is cause you can't do anything. You just have to stay inside all day.
22 My favourite sport is Hockey (duh).
23 My favourite food is poutine
24 My worst food is greasy Hamburgers with pickles and Ketchup (YUCK!!!)
25 My best friend (as in human) is my sister, Dorcas. We've always been close, but ever since she had Caleb, we became a lot closer.
26 I took violin lessons for 1 year.
27 I haven't had any for a year.
28 Who knows how many years till I do:)
29 Did you notice this violin thing has taken up four numbers?
30 That's pretty cool!!!
31 My last grandparent (my Grandma Byer) died when I was nine months old, so I don't remember what it's like to have grandparents.
32 The people that lived across the road from us were like second grandparents to us.
33 I've been and aunt five times over.
34 My favourite outfit to wear is my striped skirt with my jean jacket.
35 I hate taking showers. Why do we have to get one every day?
36 I rarely take a long time getting ready in the morning. I usually sleep as long as I can, then bound out of bed and scramble around.
37 I can't do a hundred


Ally said...

your funny... you should have just skipped around like go from 30 to 58 and 61 to 89. no one would have noticed

Esther Elizabeth said...

Good idea:)

Nancy said...

So, you hate cleaning house?? SOrry! You mean you don't just LIVE for Friday when you can come chase all the dust and grime out of my house? I'm crushed to think you don't wake up every day wishing it were Friday.....haha
(You know I hate cleaning too!)I got a laugh out of that one! You are a good cleaner in spite of not liking it!

Esther Elizabeth said...

Well, I kind of like cleaning for other people (a little bit), but not for our house.