Monday, April 7, 2008


We just got through the most AWESOME Revival!!!! It was SO AMAZING!!! Bro. Joe Smith was there (he's been my favourite preacher all of my life), and he did an incredible job!!!
Two men in our chruch, who we've been praying for ever since we've been there -and probably longer then that-, got saved last night!!! It was really incredible.
Every single service was just totally full of God's presence, and I think everyone pretty much has said how God helped them with some specific area.
Gotta go do school!!!:)


Katrin Elisabeth said...

Glad you had a good revival! We had a awesome one too!! See ya soon! and btw when do you want to match at IHC with our Christmas dresses??

snakesnailsbuttonsnbows said...

Just thought I'd say a quick "HELLO". I finally took the map off my blog.(someday I'll put it back on) People just don't say anything..didn't want to do that. It is GREAT to see you enjoying your Christian walk!! God can do AMAZING things with your life if you keep true to him! Blessings! Becky

The amazing aunt:)lol said...

Great to hear from you Mrs. Pallus (however that's spelt!!:)
Probably Wednesday.

Mada said...

I love it when services go that way. It sooo awesome to see someone you've prayed for get saved.