Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thoughts of the day.

One day, a man with a tomahawk, who was related to Adam and Eve, ate some Roman Numerals. If you don't get this, ask me about it. The person who said these things wouldn't let me publish his name. By tomahawk he meant Mohawk, just now realized he was related to Adam and Eve, and said Roman Numerals instead of Ramen Noodles:)
If you wanna hear a really funny story, to . There's a story about this guy and a fly. It's really funny!
Well, guess that's it.
Here's a conversation I had with Allan today.
Allan: What would happen if I was a crocodile?
Esther:I don't know.
Allan: I would become an icicle. And then what would happen?
Esther: I don't know.
Allan: I would go out in the sun to play, and melt. Then Daddy would not have an Allan to play with. He would only have Daniel, and the new Daniel Mark Brown, but we can't call him Daniel Mark Brown, we'll have to come up with a different name.

This is a different conversation.
Allan: Daddy spilt the milk because he was booby trapped.
Esther: Really?
Allan: Yes and when I spilt my juice I was booby trapped. Booby trapped means when you spill something.
Esther: Well, actually a booby trap is when........... um.......... when someone makes you do something you don't want to do. Like if I took Daniel's sippy cup and turned it upside down on the table, and you picked it it, and it spilled everywhere, that would be a booby trap. Does that make sense?
Allan: Huh?
Esther: Note to self: Go check the dictionary for a definition of a booby trap.
Seriously though, it's amazing how many words Allan knows!!! I can't remember them right now, but they're big ones!!!


~LoRnA~ said...

Awww that is SOO CUTE!!

Miss Marjie said...

omw, omw, omw. ahahahhahaahahah! wow, i'm so glad they invented blogs! my day practically just got made! (in other words, you made my day, for you normal people that don't think backwards)