Friday, May 23, 2008

Life in the third person

Today, Esther got quite a bit accomplished. She got almost two paces of biology done, baby-sat for two and a half hours, had a phone conversation with her sister-in-law (which was tragically cut short due to her busy schedule), and cleaned (vacuumed, dusted, etc.) the whole upstairs and the living room.
Lately, Esther has realized she needs to be more productive with her time (which she is currently wasting blogging). She has realized the need to ignore the thoughts in her mind saying such things as, "Pick up the book and read," or "Sit down and blog." (Which is why she is ignoring that temptation right now and letting her conscience post for her.)
Before, if she only did biology in one day, she would have not even got one a PACE done, but today, she has almost completed two.
She is not experiencing feelings of great satisfaction and pleasure, and would love it if you would reward her with a comment.
She is now strongly thinking of going to get a chocolate chip cookie, but I, her conscience, have persuaded her not to.
Don't all of you wish you had a conscience like me? After all, I blog for Esther, protect her from eating things she should not (maybe I need to work on that one), promp her to go exercise when all she wants to do is go to bed, and genually protect her from all manner of evil things, rewarding me with hits on the head, and nasty looks (she has failed to realize when she hurts her conscience she hurts herself, wasn't that profound?). Do you realize that last sentence was probably (or as Mrs. Gocher would say probobly), that that sentence was six lines, 63 words, and seven commas long? I think I have just borken one of the cardinal English rules. Does cardinal fit there? I know it's used as the cardinal rules of etiquette, but I have no clue what it means. Maybe I should be doing my Etymology instead. HAHAHAHA HMMMM Am I rambling a bit? Oh well, I'll stop in a bit.
I'm thinking of requesting a raise from the man upstairs.
Do they allow consciences into Heaven? Just a thought.
Signing off,
The Faithful Conscience
P.S. Do you know how much her bebo is annoying her? She can't do anything on it, because she can't verify her e-mail address, because she put in her old one. She did that because she already had a profile that she couldn't acces with her old e-mail address.
She set up a bebo a couple months ago, but then forgot her username. So then, she set up a different one with a fake e-mail address. So now, the bebo people won't let me do anything till I send them a verification e-mail, and to to that, she has to get back on her e-mail, which she can't!!!! Life can be very frustrating for a conscience, you get all the frustration of your person.
By the way, my names Joe, and I AM CANADIAN. If you haven't seen that, you need to.
P.P.S. Did you know there was ever women hockey players in the NHL? I never knew that till five minutes ago. It said that Manon Rheaume was the first women NHL player, so I assume there were more. You learn something new every day.


meluvzmb said...

WOW hmmmm ....

Anonymous said...

Your conscience has a way of confusing me. lol

~LoRnA~ said...

Haha you are CuTe!! And i just had a good laugh reading you ramble on, it made my day!! Haha TTYL!!

Esther Elizabeth said...

Thank you, thank you one and all.