Monday, May 26, 2008

Caleb and Uncle Titus

This is Caleb's newest form of entertainment. It's so funny cause he keeps going from a half smile to a frown. He was talking like crazy, and it was SO cute, but when I went to get my camera he stopped. That's SO frustrating!!! By the way, I'm done with my Biology and Etymology. And did I mention that I got a ninety-six on my biology test? For most of you, that's pretty bad, but for biology, that's good. Why did they invent biology? It is a mojour waste of time!!! Yes, I know I should be all done by now, but sometimes things take me a while:):) One thing weird about me (though it's the only one:) is that I hate taking medicine. It's so weird, cause I always feel lots better after I take it, and it's not like I have to taste it or anything. Like today, I was feeling horrible all day, and Mom kept telling me to take some medicine, but I didn't want to. She finally made me, and I felt lots better after. Now is that weird or what. Yes, I'm very strange, you can say it.
The last one is funny, because no matter how much Dorcas kept trying to get his attention, he kept watching me. Sometimes I think he knows what he's doing, and is just trying to make fun.
This one of really bad, cause I was holding my hand out trying to video us, not realizing it was upside down.
After I took all these videos, I talked to him for a while. He smiled and smiled. I think he realized when you're spending time with him.