Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Survey

I stole this survey off of Dani's blog. Hopefully you fall asleep while you read it:) By the way, I'm done with Family Living now too:).

I am… tired of school
I go go England someday
I have… an awesome family
I wish… I was at Ontario Camp
I hate… blood
I miss…living in the country and Canada
I fear… bugs
I feel… like going to bed
I hear… a certain person snoring
I smell… freshly vacuumed carpet
I crave... cream puffs
I search...the clearance racks first!
I wonder… what my life will be like when I get older (married, mom, teacher, etc.)
I regret... all the dumb things I've said
I love… Iced Cappichinoes
I ache... ah, nowhere that I can think of
I always… set three alarms for in the morning (on my cell phone)
I am not… um.... I'm just about everything under the sun
I, not that I can remember, but I think I feel like it every time I hear I'm gonna be an aunt again:)
I smile... at kids and cartoons (yes, I still love Hermie and Wormie)
I sing… all the time
I cry... about EVERYTING (and once I start, it takes me hours to stop!!!
I don’t always… clean my room
I fight... hm... no names mentioned for the sake of... jk!!
I write… as little as possible, no one can read it anyway
I never… go to bed before at least 11:30 (maybe on the rare occasion)
I listen… to music and Odessey (yes I still like Odessey)
I need... a $
I am happy… when I've been able to see my neices and nephews


meluvzmb said...

Im deff with you on i regret all the dumb things iv'e said lol and the alarm thing haha

Esther Elizabeth said...

At least I'm not the only weird person in the world.:)

Miss Marjie said...

ha, same here. except I'm too blonde to remember to set my alarm...and as far as dumb things--whew!--I'm glad my friends are so loyal!! :>

~LoRnA~ said...

Haha I can deffinately relate to many of those!! Thanks for sharing!! I always enjoy reading those but I hate filling them out myself LOL!!

Martha C said...

I enjoyed it. . .and didn't fall asleep. :-)