Sunday, November 9, 2008

this and that

Well, as most of you know, I've been gone for the last couple of days, but as promised, I have returned (cool, that makes five commas).
1. I have a prayer request for you. A few of you know Mae and Olavi. They were our neighbours up in Canada, and pretty much our grandparents. They're from Finland, and about the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Well, Olavi has a brain anuarism (however you spell that, my spell check isn't working), and it's spread a from 5 --- to 8 ----. If you could pray for them I would greatly appreciate it. They aren't Christians so that's what makes it doubly important.
2. Caleb is crawling!!!! Yeah!!!!!
3. I get absolutely no comments. I come back expecting all these wonderful comments, and guess what... none. At least I have you, YaLaina, without you, I wouldbe commetless (that's a pretty cool word:):)
Well, tootlelooes.


YaLaina said...

Hey Esther!!!
You need to get on to your playlist and look up Connie Talbot!! Her songs are good she sings one of Josh Grobans!! She is only like 5 years old and she is amazing!! By the way I love your song selection, I was listening to it today while I did my Keyboarding!!
Love Ya lots!!
p.s. Look her up!! You can watch her on YouTube!! Super Sweet!!

Esther Elizabeth said...

she sounds like she's 20! i could do that NOT!!LOL