Saturday, December 20, 2008

My big day

Today, when Auntie E wasn't looking, I sneaked on her blog and posted. I am a whole year old today!!! Isn't that exciting?
I had a big birthday party. Cousin YaLanda and YaLaina, Aunt Rindy, Auntie E, Uncle Ezra, Grandma, Mommy, and Daddy were all there. I got a rocking horse, a push behind thing, lots of blocks, a stacker thing, cute cloths, a puzzle, and a jungle towel. YaLanda brought me a cake that was really pretty. I didn't eat much cake, but I LOVED the icing!!!
There was also lots of paper for me to rip (why was I allowed today?), and strings for me to pull.
I was very tired in the end, but it was a fun day.
Daddy gave me a 45 minute bath (I love baths!!!), and Mommy and Daddy played balls with me all morning!!!!
I was allowed to touch things I can't usually touch, and get away with all manner of things.
Does this happen everyday now that I'm 1, or just today?
Well, I'm very tired now, so I need to go to bed. The only reason I took time to post was cause' Auntie E is so busy she doesn't have time.
Night Night.
Enjoy the pics below!!!
TTYL, Caleb

Apparantly when Caleb did this post, he didn't put the comments in the right places, so you'll have to put the comment with the one below it. So sorry.
Auntie E.

What is it?

Should I be scared?

I think I might me in love:)

I enjoyed the paper more then the gifts:)

It's just what I always wanted!!!

I enjoyed the flame more then the cake:)

Getting undressed for the big ordeal:)

It's OK

I might just try it:)

hum. I think I'll have one more:)


YoLanda said...

Aw! That was adorable! He is my cuttie pie! Thanks for a wonderful day and the delicious food! Luv ya! Hopefully, you can come up for New Years Eve!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

How cute! Happy 1st birthday Caleb! ;)

Esther Elizabeth said...

I think we're planning to. Thank YOU for the awesome cake!!! It was adorable.

YaLaina said...

Those pics were adorable! Can't wait to see you on New Year's Eve we will have a blast!! PARTY!!

Love ya!

p.s. Thanks for the nice day!

Esther Elizabeth said...

Trust me. It was all my doing:):) You would of been bored out of your mind if it wasn't for me:):)lol