Friday, December 12, 2008

My crazy busy life!!!!

We went to the Academy Christmas program last night (I kind of had to since H&S Wind and String Ensamble played -that just cracked me up when I saw that in the bulletin, cause all it is is a fancy name for High School Band:):):)lol. Oh well, at least we sound professional:):). (Don't pay any attention to the grammar in that last sentence!!!!!
The on pic (I'm not sure which number since my camera doesn't do the pics, just the code), is of the kindergartners. They were so cute!!! They sang Christmas Time is Here, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Gumbi, Brennen, and Shane accompanied them on the guitars and drums, and it was really neat.
Another thing, I thought I had the whole house to clean up and stuff, but when I woke up this morning, Mom had already cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, living room, her bedroom, and the dining room (giving her 3 hours of sleep). She's the best mom ever!!!!
Moral of the story, I got tons of schoolwork done, so I am a very happy person!!!!! YEAH!!!!!
So far, I've finished Geography and Proverbs. I should finish up Physical Science today, so that means I have to finish 1 pace in Life of Christ (that'll take just a couple hours), a billion PACE's of English (my least favourite subject this year), and 1 PACE of Algebra. Poor me. I must hurry on. I have so much to do.
We're having a Christmas party over here tonight for all the kitchen workers, so I have to go make food:)) (My smiley has a double chin):):):):):)
OK, enough rambling. Good-bye:):)):):):):)

P.S. sorry the pics are so fuzzy, I was on the third-last row, so I had to zoom in a lot.


Katrin Elisabeth said...

The set looks so neat in the pictures! I thought the Christmas Time is Here song was neat too!