Monday, December 15, 2008

New and Improved Menu

Well, Mom and I have been looking for menues for Christmas, and found this one. Do you think it would work Rachel?

Breakfast: Oaty Meal
1 1/2 cups Cheerios (or store brand equivalent)
1 tsp. sugar
3/4 cup whole milk
Directions: Pour Cheerios into bowl. Sprinkle sugar over top. Add milk. Stir and serve
Variant: Try adding the milk first and then the sugar.

Snack: Java Jelly a-Go-Go
2 Cups boiling water
1 tsp. instant coffee
(optional: 1 tsp. sugar)
(optional: 1 jelly doughnut
Directions: Cook water until it bubbles. Scoop coffee in coffee mug, add bubbling water; and stir (Add optional ingredients to mix at this point). Place doughnut on plate and serve
Variant: If you don't have a clean plate, or any dishes at all, you can hold doughnut in hand and eat over the sink.

Lunch: Pizza
1 phone book
1 phone
1 $10 bill
1 can of Coke
Directions: Open pohne book to section letter P. This follows O and precedes Q. Under heading for "pizza" find nearest ipzzeria. Phone in order for pizza with toppings of your choice. Wait 30 minutes or less. Upon arrival, pay for pizza including tip for driver. Open Coke and serve.
Varient: Buy 2 leiter of Coke.

Dinner: Chef's Home Style Surprise
1 automobile
1 mother
Directions: Drive to Mom's home. Enter house and say, "Hi, Mom!". Have whatever she's haveing or will make you.


YaLaina said...

That is awesome!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The best I've heard yet!!
Keep up the great planning!!
I'll definitely be counting the days now (-:
Your partner in crime and
sister-in-law(even though it seems more like just "sister" )

YoLanda said...

I love it! Let me know how it all works out! LOL!

Esther Elizabeth said...

At least we won't have to worry about being in the kitchen too much:):)lol