Sunday, January 18, 2009

Olavi..... Part #2

Well, we made it through the first day:) YEAH us.
I think the hardest part was forgetting. Like in Youth Service, I would laugh at something and be all happy, then I'd remember.
Oh well. I'll try to post something more motivational later.
All day I just kept thinking of all the awesome memories that I have. I'll cherish them forever.
So many times I wanted to watch one more hockey game with him, play one more game of Krocanoe, tell him I love him one more time. But I can't. The most I can do is tell people now that I love them.
All this sure makes you grateful for the little things. It makes bombing a test, having a bad hair day, having the stomach flu, etc. all seem so unimportant.
How many times have I gotten so worried about me looking good (not that it ever happens), having fun, etc. and missed out on great everyday memories with someone?
When it comes down to it, I won't remember all the money, gifts, etc. Olavi gave me. I'll remember his eyes filling up with tears the first time we went back to visit after we moved. I'll remember how he's always say, "Well............ not too bad," after I blotched up a move in Krocanoe. His awesome accent when he said, "Pelouvis (post, for when we played Krocanoe), Ella Huda (shut your mouth:):):), and all his other words. Going into his garage and smelling the smoked fish, knowing we'd get fished smoked sandwiches sometime very soon (the yummiest things you'll ever taste). Trying to eat the sandwiches when he insisted you had to leave the bones in. Why take the bones out when it's raw when you can do it while you eat right?:) So many simple everyday things. The things I'll remember forever.
So for the two people that read my blog, it's not about doing great things together, it's just being together. The kind of memories you'll have forever.
Well, you probably just skimmed through this without even reading it, and that's OK. I think I'm doing this for me as much as anyone.
I miss him so much it hurts.
One amazing thing is how close God has been. When it hurt so bad you didn't think I didn't think I could take it, God was right there. Like Pastor said today in his message, God can join us in anything, anywhere. All we have to do is invite him.
One of the funniest memories I have of him was when we found out what Ella Huda meant. We heard them say it quite often when they argued. They spoke English fluently, but whenever they argued, or it was a conversation too complicated for Olavi to explain in English, they switched to Finish. When we asked them what it meant, we found out it meant 'shut your mouth':):). No wonder they didn't say it in English.
Well, that's enough of my blabbering.
Love y'all.
I'll write something interesting when I fell like it........... later:)


Madam Marjorie said...

If blogging is theraputic, go to it...but that doesn't mean I wasn't reading every word!!! Ella Huda...hmmmmmmmm thanks Esther! That might come in handy!!! lol

Esther said...

yeah. I'm not sure how you actually write it in Finish, but that's what it sounds like in English:)

YaLaina said...

Hey Girl! I agree if it makes you feel better blog away! and I will read every word! I love you so much and am so sorry! See ya!

YoLanda said...

Praying for ya & love ya! I'm so sorry you're going through this hard time, but you can rest assured that the Lord will be right by your side! Another thing you can count-on is that your cuz thinks you're pretty special and am here for ya!:)

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