Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, I suppose I blog about the sad, and the good.
As most of you know, Olavi, our neighbour (and pretty much Grandpa) from Cochrane, passed away today at 1:00.
I already miss him more then I can say. I sit here thinking of all the memories we have. He was about the sweetest man I've ever known. I can still hear him say, "Well, you look pretty nice!" every time I walked into Church.
He had a really strong Finish accent (that's where he's from) and was so amazingly sweet.
I remember the time Mom was in the hospital with her gallbladder. Of course my dad and brothers had no idea to do hair, and it was just up in a know thing. We went over there, and he surprised us all by saying he would comb it. I looked like a little Swedish girl when he was done:) .
One blessing I have is that this year for my Birthday, they sent me this Bumble Bee. It sings a song. And made me cry when I got it. It's pretty amazing, cause since we moved they figured it was not worth the money to send gifts, so they always just send money. So, at least I have one last present from him.
The last time I talked to him was just before Christmas. He never talked on the phone much, cause with his heavy Finish accent, and the phone static, he couldn't understand us much. But, the last time he called he asked me who my boyfriend was. When I said I didn't have one yet, he said, well I guess I'm still your boyfriend then. It was always the joke growing up, because he always said he wanted to be my boyfriend.
I love him so much, and will miss him more then I can say. Today has been full of tears and tissues, but I know we'll make it.
I wish I could say we know he made a commitment to God, but I can't. We can only hope. If you wouldn't mind praying for Mae though. There's still hope for her.
Well, guess that's it. Keep us in your prayers. We'll definitely need um!!
Love, Y'all.


Madam Marjorie said...

sniff...I wish I could have seen your hair! I bet it was so cute! I'll keep Mae in prayer.

YoLanda said...

Oh! I'm sorry! We'll definately pray for Mae and for you too! Luv ya!

Esther said...


Linda said...

I am sorry about your friend dying. Everytime you have talk about this man, you have described him as someone I would love to have meet!! I will be praying that God comforts you all in this time of sadness!