Friday, April 24, 2009

Teen Power #2

We are doing a booth for the open house down at Main Street Chapel this Sunday, and took a bunch of pics this week. Hopefully this has enough content for my two readers that like to complain so much.
We had a normal lesson time, then snack (hotdogs and cookies donated my Noo-noo's father), then a water balloon fight. It was a lot of fun even though some of them decided they didn't want to get wet :)

'Peter' aka Darius

the priests had to wear pillow cases for hats :)
.Moriah and Miracle aka 'Jesus' and 'Barabus'
'Jesus' AKA D'Benjamin about to get beat up :) We didn't have a scarlet robe so orange had to suffice
I kept forgetting to let them pick their own balloons, and handing them to the kids.
Their names always crack me up. They get to pick their own names and they're so random. I think Ally came up with the telephone poles one though :)
They were trying so hard not to miss the balloon, they would jum REALLY hard, making the balloons pop SO loud.
The review game. We were gonna do the balloon stomp for the outside game, but didn't realize Ezra was doing the water balloon fight. So, we just put points on the balloons and made them stomp them out. To make it interesting, they had to get the balloon on their first try or they didn't get the point.
Our Easter decarations upstairs. It was so cute when Allison asked them for their definition of Easter, they all said Easter bunnies, hence the above poster.
Ezra giving the talk. I don't know where Keven, Antwan, and Melanie were at at that point.
Back row: Linda and Nirada. Second row: Jasmine. Front: Nini. Some of the kids downstairs.
My favourite one. Sisters Sabrina and Tameka with pretty much sister (their parents are her God parents and she's at their house all the time) Lakeysha. Tameka and Sabrina and their brother D'Benjamin will be coming up here to school next semester.

Miracle and her sister, I forget her name, with Darius and Moriah. Darius wanted his picture taken so bad for the board but he didn't want to smile :)

It's just startind...
Isiah lending a helping hand to Darius and Moriah.

Sorry for the blurriness. My camera's not fast enough to pick up things like that. Isiah is practicing his mad skateboarding skills:)
Explaining the rules to team B

It was so cute, we had all of them write their favourite things about Teen Power #2 down, and some of them were so cute I almost cried!!! Like, "I like Teen Power cause I get to see Ezera and Ester and everyone else," and "I like teen power cause of the people I get to see and that I get to be myself there."
I wish I had all the papers to put on here. Their spellig was so cute. They would be great at creating another round of mad gab :)


YaLaina said...

You know what I think the content of this was excellent!!!!! That is funny that you would say that I complain all the time!!!! I don't understand!!! All of you guys keep up the good work with these kids, you are really making a difference in their lives and that is awesome!!! Love you!!!