Friday, September 14, 2007


I made it!!! I didn't faint, have to sing a solo, or anything like that!!!! I finally decided to join choir, and I think I'm gonna like it!!!! I'm singing middle alto, and you'd think that'd be kind of low, right? WRONG! On one song I have to hit a high D, and for those of you who know me, my vocal range stops at like middle C (JK:).
By the way, Callie wanted me to tell you guys that she got a cool pair of shoes with me too (she just didn't get the cool deal that I did:). We both got them at Deb (why don't they just call it Deb's?) on Katrin's birthday!
Also, Cherie: I need your e-mail address!!! I need to e-mail you something!!!!
Oh by the way, if you read this Rachel, you really need to leave a comment!!!!!
Doesn't everyone think Rachel needs to start a blog? Maybe if she gets thirty votes, she'll start!!!!
OK, I'll quit rambling!!!!


meluvzmb said...

ok first we need to know who is Rachel? And yes I'm proud of my beautiful shoes , and hey if I have to write comments on your blog you better write them on mine thank u very much lol

Canada Girl Forever said...

1: Rachel is my sister in law.
2: You don't post enough for me to comment!!!!