Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ungratefun People's!!!!

OK, I just got back from three hours of long, stressful:) cleaning! I have mountains of homework to do, and yet I took the time to blog!!!! Now the least all of you could do is leave me a comment!! OK, I'm just kidding, but you really do!
We have a complicated song in band this morning, and it was very embarrassing, because everyone else was playing it fine, while us strings were getting in like one note every measure:)! Oh well, I should probably be good right now, and go practise it:)
P.S. Thanks to Mrs. Davis, at least one person leaves comments:)


Canada Girl Forever said...

You ungrateful person! I left you a comment like I don't know a week or so ago? just kidding about being ungrateful! :p Anyways, I guess I could say, I love ya lots and thanks for my Limited Too gift card!
P.S. I still haven't used it yet! :p

Joel Byer said... this mike on?

Canada Girl Forever said...

Whoops!!! I must of forgot to sign out!!! The top comment was posted by Katrin, if any one wants to know:)