Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Shoes!!!!!

We went out shopping for Katrin's birthday, and I got the cutest pair of shoes!!! They're red high-tops with pink laces! Well, actually they were black flats, but that doesn't sound as cool to read about:) Seriously, they're really cute,and they have ribbon going around them with a big bow! I got them majourly on clearance for a total of $10.60!
I also got something for my sister and sisters-in-law at a certain store. It's just something little to put along with their package (I can't say what it is in case of them reading it:)!!!!!
Well, gotta go!
P.S. Will you people's please leave me some comments!!!! To borrow Callie's words, if I go to all the trouble blogging, the least you can do is leave me a comment!
P.P.S. Joel or any one else who knows: How do I get a site meter?


Angie Davis said...

You should have gotten the red shoes. Head to and copy the HTML. Then go back to your blog and open up the template. Select Add-A-Page-Element. You need the HTML kind. Open it up and paste in the HTML from sitemeter and you're good. And that, my dear, was a genuine blog COMMENT! :)

Canada Girl Forever said...

I'm computer challenged!!!! I tried that, but I couldn't figure out what a HTML wal:):):):):)

meluvzmb said...

yeah borrow my words thats great I'm sooo smart but seriously i do go through a lot just posting lol Hey i got cute shoes too! You should have said that lol ~*CaLLiE*~