Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our house is gonna blow up (ok, there's a very slight chance of it catching on fire:)!!!!!

OK, this is really creepy!!! This gas guy came today and said there's a gas leak in our house, and our house could blow up at any time (actually he said there was a possibility if it catching on fire, but we'll just leave that part out:).
OK, now you've had your excitement for the day!!!
I so wish I had a camera!!! If I did, I'd post a picture of the cool banana bread (check out previous post) I made!! It was like perfectly shaped with a few nuts on top. It looked so cool!!! I'd also post some other really cool pictures about all the other boring stuff that goes on here! So Laura, that's your answer as to why I'm not posting any pictures!!!
I guess I'd better get back to my school work! I over slept and didn't get up till eight, so I have a ton left!
Ar avow (how on earth do you spell that?)!!!
P.S. All of you that think Ezra needs to update his blog leave me a comment telling me!!


The Sicklers said...

His blog is definitly lacking recent posts.

Angie Davis said...

Um, forget Ezra--is the gas leak fixed yet?

Canada Girl Forever said...

Yeah it's fixed (or at least I hope so:)!!!