Monday, September 10, 2007

Shopped Out!!!!

On Saturday, my Aunt Rindy, and cousins Yalonda and Yalaina came and we shopped, and we shopped, and we shopped some more!!!
It was a lot of fun, but I must admit that even I (shock of shocks) am tired of shopping:)
But one thing VERY VERY VERY cool happened!!!
We were at Kirkland's, and I saw the most beautiful music stand I have ever seen in my life!!!!! It's hard iron and it kind of curves around in the shape of a stand. Then it has these hard iron leaves that.......... OK, forget it I can't describe it, but it's beautiful!! So I see this at Kirkland's, and I absolutely loved it!!!!!! I finally decided to get it, but I could tell mom wanted to get it for me for Christmas (that's an awfully long wait!!!!). But when I walked in Sunday morning, it was standing in the living room!!!!
OH NO!!!!!!! I just now realized I left my violin at Church!!!!!!!! I guess I won't be going to band:)


Martha C said...

It was neat to peruse your blog. You have a neat style of writing. Whatever you say about cleaning, you are a good one and a good "mover helper." Ha! :-)

meluvzmb said...

Hey look @ my blog new wedding pics !!! and i now bout the post things i just felt like bein mean lol jk luya

meluvzmb said...


Canada Girl Forever said...

Thankz for the comments! And I already saw your wedding pictures.
Does anyone know how to put links on? I've tried, and they all go different places!!!!! I need help!!!!!!!!:)