Monday, September 24, 2007

Chocolate Swirl Delight!

Wow, can you believe it? Three whole days and I haven't posted!!!
On Saturday I went to the picnic, and it was lots of fun!!!! I played volleyball, went paddle boating, and played some more volleyball (I did pretty awful in the volleyball, but we'll leave that part out!). When we went boating, I had the great idea to go swimming, thinking everyone else would too. But, the only ones that went in were Ezra, Cesar, and me, so I was the only girl at the picnic soaking wet!!!! Oh well, I had more fun then all the ones who wouldn't get their hair wet:)!!!
Saturday night, I made a new recipe. I really liked it, so I'll give you the recipe.
2 boxes Swiss Cake Rolls
2 (I do 3) boxed chocolate (I did vanilla) pudding
2 3/4 (4 if you do 3 boxes) cup milk
2 cups whipped cream

Cut Cake Rolls into 4s, and line nine-inch, spring form pan. Combine pudding mix and milk. Set in fridge to minutes, or till slightly firm. Pour over Cake Rolls. Cover with whipped cream. Take shavings that fall from Cake rolls, and cover the top with them. Set in fridge till ready to serve. Remove edge of pan and set cake on platter. Enjoy!!!!!


meluvzmb said...

Oh, Is that what you were telling me about on the phone? Yeah I would totally jump in I don't care about my hair it always looks bad anyway haha :-)

Angie Davis said...

Did you line the sides of the springform too, or just the bottom?

Canada Girl Forever said...

Yeah, you line the sides. It looks really cool then when you take away the sides of the pan. Sometime I'll put a picture on here. The cake rolls will be jelled to the pudding, so you don't have to worry about them falling off:)
Callie: YOU wouldn't care if your hair got wet? You were the one freaking out on Satuarday, cause you thought you looked a mess!!!