Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This is the bad part about family coming: pretty soon, they leave! Oh well, I might get over it in a few years (if you read this Laura, I loved your note!). :(
Did y'all go shopping on Friday? Rachel and I did, and we found a ton of deals!!!
Through the whole day, I figure we saved around $450.00 dollars.
I got a gift for Titus, Dorcas, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Mom, Laura, and Katrin. You should see Katrin's!!! Mada would really like it! It' a hippopotamus plus (by the way, the answer to the Algebric equasion is AH+AO+HP+OP). :)
I had a lot of fun, and it has come to a close:(
On Friday, we have our chruches Christmas dinner, so that should add some excitement to my week! Also, I have a cold (that went together very smoothly didn't it?). You should of heard me in band and choir today!!!! In band I was like BONK BONK BONK, and in choir I was AWWWWEEK AWWWWEEEK AWWWWWEK. Anyway, the only good thing about that is that my mom cooked for teen power tonight, so I don't have to!
Just in case Katrin says anything funny on her blog, it's because she's been having a bunch of good days.
Just in case Katrin and I's blog sounds alike, it's because we're blogging together!
P.S. 33 days left till little Hallam comes home!


Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

I was wondering about those "bonk, bonk, bonk" sounds that I heard coming from the string section this morning. :)

Katrin said...

O thank goodness!!! You didn't tell about my ice cream cone explosion!! (actually I mentioned it on my blog I just didn't explain it) and I think you gave me that cold because all this morning I sounded just the same as you did in choir!

see ya!

Canada Girl Forever said...

1: the big bonk was when my string broke:) (jk)
2: That's why I didn't figure I needed to mention it! I figured you'd do it for me!