Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What do I have to do today? Read 10 chapters of the Swiss Family Robinson, memorize 5 pages for the Christmas play at our church, do 20 pages of English, etc., etc,. etc.,
Well........... today has been very stressful!!!:( In choir, I promise, I sounded like a honking pig!!!!! I was also about 5 octaves lower.
Oh, I also need to go home and get a recipe for my sister-in-law. Rachel, why on today of all days would you ask me for something like that? Don't you know my mind is a very fragile thing? Actually I'm just kidding. I know it's not a big deal. I probably won't get around to it till tomorrow anyway.
In case you ever wonder why I randomly switch subjects, it's because I stick paragraphs in as I go along. When I want to add something after the articles already to print (didn't that sound professional?) I just edit, and place the paragraph anywhere I feel like it.
Oh well, guess there's nothing else boring to talk about.
Have a horrible week, month, and year.
I'm gonna go home and listen to my Christmas CD (thanks Katrin). It's the only solace I have in this miserable life of mine!!!!
P.S. Only 32 days left till I'm an AUNTIE for the fifth time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


meluvzmb said...

This is kinda freaky but i just posted bout muh terrible day my face is sooo numb just got muh braces on read muh blog HELP IM HURTING *callie*

Katrin said...

you're welcome! Did you wake up really sick? I didn't see you at band nor choir so I thought you probably got really sick today or somthing. OOOO I remembered. You had to clean with your sister. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so where is the recipe anyways??? I have waited 4 longgg
days and I am still waiting....I thought you were going right home for it??? So, if it is such a bother I will make sure I keep asking for more's see....I'm sure there was another one that I wanted .....I will think of it and get back with you.......(-:

Canada Girl Forever said...

I am going to make a solomn vowel. I WILL TRY BY BEST TO GET THAT RECIPE TOMORROW!!!!@!!

Chrisspkp said...

I am going to make a solomn vowel. I WILL TRY BY BEST TO GET THAT RECIPE TOMORROW!!!!@!! Probably.