Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What have I done exciting this week? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Sunday and Monday I was sick, so I did nothing but sleep (and thankfully no sleep!).
On Thursday I'm going to some cooking thing, so maybe that'll be my entertainment for the week.
Next week, for American Thanks Giving, my brother Luke and his family (Rachel, Laura, & Jeremy) will be coming down (yeah!!!)!!! I'm excited about maybe going shopping of Friday, cause my sister-in-law is just like me, we take about two minutes in each store (unless there's good deals:) then move on!!
We had a baby shower for my sister on Saturday, so that was my excitement of last week (that meant Becca (Matt's sister) could come up (yeah)!).
In case any of you want to know, I'm typing this really fast, cause I have to go do school (that explains the bad grammar!!!).
P.S. Only 47 days left!!!!!!


Rachel said...

Hey, we are excited too!!
I was just thinking about "going shopping" today, too.....and I am definitely excited about our big adventure!! The crowds will be the problem )-: Oh well, we can
manuver around them if we need too(-: We are counting the days....
your other package arrived and we will be bringing that too....until next long!!

CresceNet said...
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meluvzmb said...

Hey Essie, Yeah u goin to that thing on Thursday too, good ! Oh mi sis- in -law deffinatly doesnt shop like urs lol But i hate spending like 2 min in the store i have to look for like ever cuz ill miss sumpin newways cya tonight gurl oh yeah PUHLEEZE look at mi bebo u can get there from mi blog cya ~*CaLLiE*~