Saturday, December 29, 2007

The blog of a new aunt!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm an aunt again!!!!! His name is Caleb Matthew, he was born December 20, he was 8 pounds four ounces, 21.25 inches long, and is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE (I'll post pictures as soon as Ezra teaches me how to).
And guess what!!! I got a DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!! It's 7.2 megipixles, 3x optical zoom, and one other thing I can't remember!!!!
You have gotta see Caleb!!! He's the most adorable baby alive right now (of course 4 other beautiful babies were born before him, but they're 7, 5,4. and 2 (I think that's right!))
It's our year to have Christmas at New Years, so we haven't opened gifts yet. Mom let me open the camera on Christmas day after I convinced her that I'd give her some pictures of Christmas (or acctually New Years).
Everyone's supposed to get here sometime today!!!! I made pumpkin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, monster cookies, no bakes, shortbreads (YUM!!!), and sugar cookise (I only made a few, cause we're waiting for Rachel's. She makes the BEST sugar cookies ever!!!).
Well hopefully I'll be able to blog again soon!!!
P.S. Visit my brothers new blog at!


callie said...

ok It's not your blog I thought it was?