Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, let's see what I'm doing this week.
Monday = school work - all day!
Tuesday = GBS Christmas banquet
Wednesday = play practise
Thursday = Clean house with my sister
Friday= Mr. Scott said we'd be doing something (I'm not quite sure what the something means:)
Saturday = Christmas play practise
Sunday = the Christmas play
Our Christmas play for our Church should be a lot of fun!!! Me and Amy are enemies and get to yell at each other in it (Oh Happy Day!!!) (jk) (I won't tell you the plot, cause certain people from our Church read my blog) (if I had a digital camera, I'd post pictures of it:) (it's really fun writing in parentheses.
I guess that's about it!
P.S. Only 19 days left!!!!!
P.S. adjlIsjfLalsajdOdakVlssEslkMafjdAjdfakDaflajkA (that's Katrin's language!!!)
P.S. Has Alax got you a teddy bear yet Sally?


the freshmen said...

Why do you want to know?? Are you jealous or something??? Just kidding! :) Not that I know of. I'm not sapposed to plan on it. And by the way, do you want to go ice skating tonight (of we work till like 9:00 pm tonight and if my mom will take us?????) So coool!!!!! Love ya!

the freshmen said...

We should match Tues. night. Hopefully we can go shopping tonight and get that dress!!!!! MADA, that's just one more bag to hang in my closet!! lol

Mada said...
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Anonymous said...

its practice essie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and i left muh folder at church and keep 4gettting 2 get sa i only have like almost all muh lines memorized well i guess dats good huh? anywhooo i need ppl 2 get on muh blog!!!! puhleeze dew! I gotta rly cute pic of mags on there well its not a pic imeen its a video haha well cya laterz

Anonymous said...

hey that waz me callie hehe accident

aka fat head said...

why did i leave that twice?*callie*

Canada Girl Forever said...

I knew that was you even before you left the next comment! Nobody else writes like: Hy Ester wht ya doin tday? Did that make much sense to you? It did? Good.

the freshmen said...

see ya in polka dots tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey now stop tlking bout muh wrting c its my trdmrk hehehe read dis one !

the freshmen said...

Callie, your just way too funny! Now I can see you talking like that with your braces on! :)

Marjie said...

told ya Callie! You write like ya talk--fast, no stops, and all in one breath!! I think it's an art. be proud! (not very many people can do it like you!) lol, miss y'all!! Um, katrin, is "AlAX" who i tink it tis? hehe. call me. . .or else, or else, or else--SANTA WONT COME!!! (the ice at the north pole melted 'cause of global warming.)