Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, this weekend, surprise of surprises, I actually had some free time on my hands, so I used it to scrapbook. It was so much fun. I got a lot of pages done, and it means that I'm all caught up on my pics. No more scrap booking for a while (WHAH!!!).
Here's a list in order of preference.
Well, here's some of my favourites. The top two are of competition, and they're my favourite. I love the colour combination (you need to see it in real life)!
The next one is of when we went to the Parliament Buildings this summer. We got there too late to see Changing of the guard, but it was still fun.
The next one is of the banquet with Ezra and Allison. I used a candy wrapper, as part of my background, and it turned out kind of neat.
The next one is of my fourteenth birthday (I baby-sat on that day if you're wondering what the Lambeth's have to do with my birthday). I don't like that one as well, but considering some of my other pages (they're pretty scary), it's OK (I was kind of in a hurry:).

I didn't care for these pages, but I like the memories. They're from Trusties party. I went as Miz' Frizzle, Allison went as Pippie Longstockings (Spell check?), Tristan was Charpae (?), Cherie was a fairy-god-mother, Titus was a hockey player (duh), Brittany was an ole' women:), and Abby was a baby. There was a lot more cute ones too. I got most original (Yeah Me:):).

Well, that's it. Hope you have a dismal, ordinary day along with me:).
OK, for some reason, my favourite page won't post!! Isn't that sad? It's really cute! It's of competition, and I have a little bus on it and stuff. It would have to be my favourite page. It even matches our outfits:) WHAH!!

P.S. Mrs. Frederick has a few pics of the Wacky Olympics on her blog if you want to see them.


Ally said...

aww I'm so proud of you getting the page of me and Ezra done. (That is something i have not yet been able to do) prolly cause i was too busy making one for him :D I would have given you some of my pictures if i knew you were actually gunna put them in a scrapbook! i wish you would have told me that! lol its really cute tho. okay long comment just for you cause i know you love comments :D you can thank me later

Lorna said...

Heyy thanks for the comment on my blog!! Enjoyed the pics of your scrapbook but i wanna see it sometime in real life LOL!! TTYL!!


meluvzmb said...

And I was an Ole-miss football playa haha the hat was was sideways haha im a dork lol:)

Esther Elizabeth said...

Wow COMMENTS!!! And Ally, you did give me two pics, but I forgot about them, so when I opened my drawer, I was kindof frustrated when I saw them:)
I'm SO SORRY about the candy thing!!! I don't know where I put them!!!
Please don't shoot me!!

Ally said...

thats okay... im not really as worried about the candy as i am the "note" the candy was just somethin stupid. well, i hope you find it... soon :) lol
oh and for the record NEVER again will i give you something to give to Ezra! :P lol

Ally said...

um... i think u can prolly delete 2 of those comments... i dont no y it just published it three times!

Esther Elizabeth said...

I will bow on my knees and beg your forgiveness.