Saturday, June 7, 2008

Congrats Jeffrey!!!

Well, the big, big, big news is that....... drum roll please..... I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!! YEAH!!! CONFETTI!!! PALM-PALMS!!!!! TAMBOURINES!!! Isn't that sad? I absolutely love school, and to part with it is such sweet sorrow, until I have to do it tomorrow, then I shall cry, and say good-bye, to all the fun, I had once won. Ok, that made absolutely NO sense!!! Who cares? Not I said the pig as he picked up his blink mouse and Jill. Actually, in all seriousness, I will miss school greatly............ CYKE ($100.00 Allison).
I'm also REALLY excited, cause I'm going to youth camp tomorrow!!!
By the way everyone, I made cookies, and I'm bringing them along to share:):):)
Well audios, which to a certain someone (who shares names with the first man that ever lived) who will remain anonymous, it is spelled that way. I have it on very good authority (if you consider him that, I don't! HEHEHEHE Josh:) it is spelled that way.
Am I excited? NO WAY!!!!
I've barely gotten any sleep lately, so I'm a little hyper.
Now, for the most exciting news of all!!!!! One of the three handsomest guys in the world had a birthday today!!! Congratulations Jeffrey!!! I love you SO MUCH!!!


Madam Marjorie said...

dearest, I so HATE to pop your bubble, but my favorite Spanish teacher in the world has informed me that it is spelled (drumroll)
A-D-I-O-S. sorry hon, ;)