Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had the Teen Power Christmas party tonight, and it was a lot of fun!!
I've posted about a billion pics so you'll have some faces to go with names.
If any of you can, please pray for these kids. They go through so many more struggles and temptations then we can ever imaging.
I think this one counts for about five posts.
NOTE: I did the cool tinsel stuff on the front of the serving line!!! YEAH ME!!!
The pics are completely random, not in any order at all!!!

Our cool phone desk thing.

The top of our cool phone desk thing.

Our cool entrance way:)

Two of our cool tables (well, actually the only cool tables because the other ones weren't decorated:):)

Some person we picked up on the side of the road.

ATTENTION: Kids at play.

Intense car racing:):)

Ally and I. Beautiful and ugly:):)

Our very cool socks.

Ally and I's awesome socks.

The cutest person there!!!

We had some fierce pool and Foosball players:):)

Some of our pretty things we decorated with.

Intense soccer game:):)

Allison made me put this on. It's her tree she got for a dollar:)

Our beautiful snowflakes:)

Chacarra; Latrisha; and Dajah talking, D'Benjamin racing, and some new kid and Durrell watching bordely (is that a word?:):)

Erica and Latrisha with Chacarra thrown in:)

from l to r. Erica; Latrisha; Dajah; and Chacarra.

Montessa did it!!!

Dorcas and Latrisha battle it out against Jada and Chacarra (notice the pool ball in the absence of any fooseballs:).

Daries curing cancer.

Allison and what's-her-name-the-two-year-old.

In line for food.

Derrell chillin' on the football mat.

Ezra and what's-her-name decided to join him.

Damien go sent to the corner for not being cool enough (inside joke).:):)

from l to r. Markel, a little girl whose name I couldn't understand, and Ally.

Don't drink Mountain Dew!!! Bad for you. Makes you become like Derik.

The kids in line for their pizza, popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, and pop.

Them eating once more.

from l to r. Derik Jones; Markel; D'Benjamin; and the other Derik.

Some of the MEN:)

Markel ATTEMPTING to do a backflip.

Everyone eating.

From l to r. Awful, Moriah, Jasmine, and Nini.

From l to r. Lakeysha, Sabrina, and Tameka.

Erica trying not to be seen:)

Jada and Latrisha.

Chacarra being weird:)

From L to. R. Derik Jones, D'Benjamin, Damien, and the other Derik:)

Markel and Ezra giving away more doorprizes.

We're so fat:):)


What we had to clean up.

More of the aftermath.

Montessa being.... Montessa.

Markel was the modle for the door prizes. Isn't he cute:):)

Derik got the best door prize. The last peice of pizza (only he doesn't know what it really was:)

Working hard:)

Caleb and his mama.

Chacarra's beautiful hair:)


Ally said...

yay thank you for all the pictures. is this all of them? and btw the tree is AMAZING!

Madam Marjorie said...

Looks like an awesome bunch of kids! I'll pray for them, Esther! Love ya!

YaLaina said...

Those kids are so cute! I will be sure to help you pray for them! That little nephew of yours is so adorable, he just makes you smile! Love ya lots!

Love ya girl!

YoLanda said...

Aw! So sweet! Especially baby Caleb! I admire and appreciate you all for taking time to help these precious children! Remember: the Lord will help you plant seeds in their hearts that they will never be able to forget! I will be praying for you guys! Tell your sister to check her e-mail! LOL!
Love ya!

Esther Elizabeth said...

yeah that's it. All fifty some:):) do you know how long it took me to put them on?