Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas Program.

We had the GBS Christmas play this past weekend. It was pretty cool cause it was a Victorian theme. the awful thing though, was the hats!!!! They were awful!!!! They strangled me every time I had to sing!!!! Sunday night was espicailly awful because I had my hair different, so my hat didn't fit right at all. I look retarted in the pics with Ashley!!!!!
I didn't find this year went as good as last year. I think we just had better songs last year, cause last year the crowd got pretty excited, but this year they just kind of sat there:):)
Oh well, such is life.
P.S. note the cool red headband sticking out of my hat in the first pic.


YoLanda said...

Oh! Esther your silly! I think you look very cute! Sometime I wish we could still dress like that! Minus the corsets! LOL!

Esther Elizabeth said...

Well, our huge poofy slips were almost as bad. And we had to tuck in our shirts!!!

YaLaina said...

I agree with YoLanda I think it is very cute! I love THAT hat, of course I love hats though! Hope to see ya soon! Love ya lots!

Esther Elizabeth said...

you wouldn't love that hat if you had to wear it with a purple skirt.

Madam Marjorie said...

That is so cool about the Victorian theme, Esther! The background looked really cool...who made it? Wish I could have been there!

Esther Elizabeth said...

Maintanence (however you spell that). They did a terrific job!!!!